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FAQs about Astral moisturiser

Astral Original and Astral Soft frequently asked questions

Does Astral contain any animal products?
Astral contains Glycerin, which is purely synthetic, Lanolin which is extracted from sheep’s wool, and Lanolin Alcohol which is produced by a chemical reaction with Lanolin.
Astral is not tested on animals.

Is Astral suitable for use by Muslims?
Yes, Lanolin and Lanolin Alcohol are extracted from sheep's wool. However, Lanolin Alcohol is produced by a chemical reaction with Lanolin i.e. it is man-made rather than the type of alcohol that you drink.

The new pots of Astral Original have a different ingredients list, has the formula changed?
No the formula is identical, we have just had to declare more ingredients on the pot to comply with new EU regulations, as have all other toiletries and cosmetics.

Does Astral contain perfume?
Yes, the perfume in Astral is unique to the brand and has remained unchanged over the years.

Does Astral contain any AHA’s?

Does Astral have a sunblock/sun protection factor?

Do you still make Astral soap?
No. Astral Soap is not currently available.

Does Astral contain salicylates in any of the ingredients?
Yes, there is 3.7% found in the alcohol.

I used to buy Astral Hydroplens, but seem unable to find it now. Why?
This product has been discontinued.

Are Astral Light & Creamy and Astral Soft different?
Astral Soft replaces Light & Creamy. The formulation now has a softer feel but fragrance and moisturisation have been maintained.

Where to buy Astral Original and Astral Soft

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